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Marcia M Spence is a best-selling author, a coach, speaker, trainer, project manager and inspirational woman who has nurtured and developed leaders for over 20 years. Marcia has successfully coached, mentored, and supported business owners and corporate professionals to tell their stories in written and spoken words for over ten years.


I specialise in coaching and mentoring men and women of influence to write and develop their memoirs and autobiographys.

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Marcia M. Spence- (Williams) The Publisher For Leaders, NPQICL, FRSA, The Author’s Midwife and Memoir Motivation Specialist


Marcia M. Spence-Williams established her own international publishing company from home and found success in the literary industry.  The company has helped over 200 UK authors to publish their books in just eight years. More recently, she has expanded her reach to Jamaica, USA and parts of Europe.

Marcia M is nicknamed “The Authors Midwife” by her clients for her caring help and support in bringing their books to reality.

“I am extremely grateful to Marcia for encouraging me to embark on this incredible personal journey. Writing my autobiography seemed overwhelming, but Marcia convinced me I had a unique and powerful story to share. She has a beautiful way of putting you at ease and enabling you to look within yourself. She also has a gift of reading people, which enables her to understand others and support them in fully expressing themselves. Marcia is truly inspirational, and she is an exceptionally gifted individual. She has convinced me I’m a writer. This has given me a new lease of life. I have benefited immeasurably from her support, and I’m so inspired to write again.” Gilroy Brown, Educational Consultant, Pastor, former headteacher, and principal. (Birmingham UK)

Gilroy Brown Author of Redeemed

Marcia M Publishing House is now a popular choice for publishing books by Christian ministers. In 2023, Marcia, also known as The Memoir Motivator, published Dr. Rudolph Parkinson's memoir titled "The Man Behind The Collar." Dr. Parkinson expressed gratitude for his experience working with MMS Publishing, stating that Marcia helped him gain confidence and provided guidance on the required format, allowing him to complete his book within a limited timeframe. Writing my book has been enjoyable. Together we have been able to document my life’s journey. Marcia was patient and a pleasure to work with, I am so glad I worked with her, I definitely recommend working with Marcia.”

Dr. Rudolph Parkinson's Author of The Man Behind The Collar

“I wrote my book a few years ago but struggled with putting it out there. I did not know anyone I could trust with my memoirs or had any confidence that it would be a good read. The fear of rejection, the ridicule of incomprehensible sentences and bad grammar, put me off. MMS publishing helped me through the author's journey, calming my fears and offering support. They provided proofreading, grammar checks, and helpful advice. Thanks to them, my book became a best-seller on Amazon in just three days. Marcia M Spence is an author's midwife, helping them overcome procrastination and deliver impactful books. Irvine CalJah Lewis author of Hello to Self-Irvine Meet CalJah

Irvine CalJah Lewis Author of Hello to Self-Irvine Meet CalJah

Richard Anderson the author of Consequences Kind David, A Legend Myth, or Just a Man? “Marcia M. Spence, the force behind Marcia M Publishing House has been an encouragement to me when I have doubted. She made something I thought was impossible possible, she helped me to think of myself as an author when I doubted myself. Marcia is truly here for such a time as this!”

Richard Anderson Author of Consequences Kind David

Donald Campbell, “I had written my book years previously contemplating how to get it published. I found MMS publishing online and was very pleased with the review which led me to a contract, ultimately a publication in a matter of months. Marcia M hosted my online book launch, which was a hit with my attendees. I have also recently completed the audio version of my book via Marcia M Publishing which was quite a good experience. My experience of working with Marcia Publishing is a very good one due to the personable attention I received during the working relationship. I am now hoping to complete and publish my second book with this company." Donald Campbell – author of My Path of Life

Donald Campbell Author of My Path of Life

Bishop Dr Norman Gooden, “after completing my memoir I have been searching for a reputable publisher. I was able to locate two individuals who had written their books, and they highly recommend MMS Publishing House to me. I took the challenge, and that was the best thing for me. After contacting Marcia personally and shared my desire for publishing my own life stories, she immediately urged me on and asked for the manuscript. We are working together on this project extremely well. I personally have no hesitation in recommending MMS Publishing House, as I find this company very good value for money as she helped me along my journey.” Norman Gooden is the author of Life Stories and Miracle Journeys.

Norman Gooden Author of Life Stories and Miracle Journeys

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