We have been successfully publishing books for over 10 years.
We’ve helped many authors publish their autobiographies, from first-timers to successful authors.

Our team of publishing professionals will support and encourage you throughout the process, all the way from planning and writing your book to advising you on promoting it once it’s printed.

The costs vary depending on the word count of the book and the level of editorial and design work needed, the most expensive editing is developmental or content editing.

Although independently published through a publishing services publisher means that it is not traditionally published, it gives the author more control. It is like self-publishing with the professional services that a traditional publisher provides.

An independent publishing house tends to be a smaller boutique publishing service that provides a mixture of paid-for author services and other publishing packages and deals.

Although self-publishing has become easier with a wide variety of free to use publishing platform available online. The self-publisher is responsible for all aspects of their publication, from editing to typesetting and cover design.

Self-publishing gives the author control over their story and style of writing and the cover and design. Authors fund the book and get a higher percentage of the sales. Traditional publishing gives authors kudos, authors seeking a traditional deal get many rejections before securing a deal.

Although the cost of self-publishing varies, the highest cost is for editing. Therefore, it is always advisable to invest in a good editor and proof-reader. Cost ranges from £500 to £10,000 depending on genre and word count.

Self-publishing through an independent publishing services publisher means that the book is produced by the publisher, who then publishes the book on behalf of the author. Self-published authors own the copyright of their work.

First, plan, identify your audience and the book’s purpose, and then write and keep writing until you have the first draft of at least 15,000 words. It will help to hire a coach to keep you focussed and accountable.

A short, gripping title is best; no more than four words, you can add a subtitle of eight words to explain what the book is about. Always check whether another author has already used your title.

In one answer, YES! Anyone can publish a book through the available publishing digital platforms

Writing a book takes many authors years and other months. For example, a 30,000 short story of memoir can be written in three months. The editorial and publishing process is another six months. However, this can also be longer or shorter.

You can publish on Amazon, Lulu, Ingram Spark, or your publisher, who will publish on Nielsen and set up distribution channels. You can also print your book through your own printer.

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