The 120 Day Ultimate Memoir Writing Challenge

Transfer your memories into Powerful, lasting and meaningful memoirs.

Can I Really Write My Book In 120 Days?

Absolutely Yes!

That is what over half of authors who have published with Marcia M Publishing House have been able to do.

So why not you?

Are You Ready For The 120 Day Challenge?

Who Is This Challenge For?

Do you want to tell your story to the World?

Have you learned from experiences that you want to share?

Can your story help someone else?

Ready to write your book, but are not sure how?

Want to examine your life and heal through writing?

This challenge Is perfect for who are new to memoir writing

Experienced writers who want to get motivation and accountability are welcome too

Meet One of Our Challengers

How The Challenge Works

Seven Steps to Writing The First Full Draft of Your Memoir


Understand your Why?


Who are you writing the book for?
Consolidate your Ideal reader.


What are the Key Messages that you want to convey to your readers?


Create your Story Timeline, is it all or part of your life?


Write your story, pour it out on the paper! or laptop, Ipad or Moblie Phone.


Make your story come to life with, dialogue, detailed description and Show, Not Tell!


Consider the publishing options, Traditional, Independent or

How The Challenge Works

120 days to write your 35 thousand word manuscript With group and one to one coaching

The Challenge begins on Wednesday 31st May 2023 and The Challenge Ends on 30th September 2023

What To Expect During The Sessions?

Rectangle 29-min

Fortnightly Zoom Sessions – On Wednesdays – Following the seven steps.

Rectangle 35-min

Learn from Guest Authors who will share their, tips, hacks and knowledge.

Rectangle 37-min

Learn about writing techniques and develop your skills to write your book.

Rectangle 29-1-min

You write throughout the challenge, you also read.

Rectangle 35-1-min

Feedback on your first chapter and final draft of the full manuscript.

Rectangle 37-1-min

Motivation to overcome Writer’s Block, Accountability and Support.

What Are The Outcomes?

Your story is preserved for generations to come. You are creating history! creating a passive income for you and your family.

You will have explored your values, considered your actions and reactions and your thought processes.

You will have written the narrative for your life and your experience, from your perspective, telling your truth!

You will have reflected and evaluated your past.

Your life and your lived experiences will become a reference point for you.

The process allows you to let it out and let go – It is therapeutic.

You will gain confidence in your perspective and clarity about your message.

Choose a Pricing Option




Early Bird



Three Payments

Installment Plan


Still undecided?

Book a free 15-minute call NOW!

Hear From Our Past Challengers

Still undecided?

Book a free 15-minute call NOW!


There are 20 places Available.

The number of hours are defined once we have gauged your writing speed. Each Challenger will work at their own pace to achieve the weekly writing target of 3,500 words each week.

Yes of course, we have a three payment instalment plan. Three payments of £199.00 total £597.00

The start date is 31st May and end date is 30th September 2023

The sessions will be recorded and will be available for recap for 14 days.

You are not obligated to share more than you are comfortable with. The 120 day Ultimate memoir Writing Challenge is a first step to sharing your story. It is a safe environment with a strict code of conduct.

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